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Here at work I get LOTS of things that come across my email from different people fighting for life all over the world.  Adoption...my love to the core of me... and abortion are so closely connected.  I TRULY believe if society knew...really knew and understood the beauty of adoption and CHRISTIANS were obedient to our charge to care for the ORPHAN and WIDOW in some way we wouldn't be faced with the facts that 42 MILLION children are aborted every year worldwide....OR....4 MILLION girls are aborted for their gender alone. 

The following didn't come to me via email but was something John Piper posted on FB today.  I am not going to post the picture here, just the article. I will will tell you though, I think we need to see the stark reality of what abortion looks like.  I firmly believe we NEVER show it to those to put guilt or condemnation such as some do when they stand outside abortion clinics with graphic images.  I DO believe we need to have the guts to stand up for those babies such as this one (and her parents) and face those that fight so hard for "Choice"...and for that reason pictures like the one in this article need to be seen.   So many of you my dear friends have brought home precious girls (and boys) from China.  Many of them needed your family simply because they were a girl.   PLEASE pray for these Chinese parents who deeply want their children but the government says they cant have them.  As the article states "we learned that family planning officials in Jianmei’s region are launching a campaign of forced abortions this month. They received a lower grade from the government because of ‘over-quota’ births, and Jianmei’s story shows us how they plan to respond"
Shaanxi, China—Government officials forced Feng Jianmei, who was 7 months pregnant with her second daughter, to undergo an abortion ten days ago. Five family planning officials abducted Ms. Feng on June 2nd while her husband, Deng Jiyuan, was away at work. When she could not pay the fine of 40,000 RMB ($6,270), they forcibly aborted her daughter.

“Feng Jianmei’s story demonstrates how the One-Child Policy continues to sanction violence against women every day,” said Chai Ling. “We learned that family planning officials in Jianmei’s region are launching a campaign of forced abortions this month. They received a lower grade from the government because of ‘over-quota’ births, and Jianmei’s story shows us how they plan to respond. Unfortunately her family was the first to receive the ‘opening of the knife.’”

The news came from a Chinese human rights watchdog site, Chinese Skynet Centre for Human Rights, and was picked up last night by Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

Last night Chai Ling of All Girls Allowed was able to locate the couple and speak to them at length. Deng Jiyuan told her that five men abducted his wife on June 2nd and took her to a hospital. “At the hospital they held her down,” said Jiyuan. “They covered her head with a pillowcase. She couldn’t do anything because they were restraining her.” The men had her “sign” an abortion consent form by inking her thumb and pressing it forcibly against the paper. Then they injected toxins into the brain of her unborn daughter.

Jianmei said, “I could feel the baby jumping around inside me all the time, but then she went still.”

Jianmei’s father-in-law rushed to the hospital, but officials prevented him from seeing her until after the abortion. The couple said one of the family planning officials was named Zhang Xiaosong.

After the injection, Jianmei endured painful contractions at the hospital until 3am local time on June 4th. Then she gave birth to her deceased child without any anesthesia. “It was much more painful than my first childbirth. The baby was lifeless, and she was all purple and blue,” said the mother.

Chai Ling says that Jianmei’s voice was filled with sorrow as she spoke. She said her elder daughter asked, “What happened to your tummy? Where did the baby go?” She has experienced a constant severe headache since the forced abortion. “If this had not happened,” she told Ling, “we would be joyful and everything would be fine.”

Her husband Jiyuan spoke to Ling with great pain, saying “I was gone and she had nobody with her. She is not doing well. A few hours ago, she was thinking about the baby and pulled a knife against herself. I had to stop her.” He wants to help her but feels unable to do anything, “What can I do?” he said, “I’m just an average worker. I have no power.”

Chai Ling asked Jianmei what she would like to say to the public, and she responded, “I wish all the other children in the world would be happy, healthy, and joyful.” Ling was amazed at the grace she showed and comforted the grieving mother, praying that God would restore the immense loss she experienced.

Ling called for action: “Anyone in a position to act—the Chinese central government, foreign embassies in Beijing, the U.S. Department of State—must condemn what happened to Feng Jianmei and protect other women from forced abortion. President Hu Jintao said forced abortions do not happen in China, but this family’s testimony shows that they do. China cannot continue to sanction the violence committed against its female citizens by family planning officials. Enough is enough. China must end the One-Child Policy and forced abortion. I pray they will, in Jesus’ name.”

All Girls Allowed (http://www.allgirlsallowed.org) was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and to reveal the injustice of the One-Child Policy.
Contact All Girls Allowed:
Read more: http://www.allgirlsallowed.org/category/other-tags/feng-jianmei#ixzz1xnpjhhLghttp://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FS4qjRVJN&h=WAQHRoSvEAQEA9ZB1v_GaiDPNsZphuLMzU53KvGYH8tTdfw

I know those of you that read my blog are prayer warriors...please pray  for China especially this month as the government tries to sickly bring down their monthly birth quotas.  This is not the first article (or the first pictures I have seen) coming out of China about forced abortions.  It has happened for years.  And pray for the United States...for we are beginning to resemble the country that has given us our dear children. I have personally seen FOUR undercover videos of women going into Planned Parenthoods in the last few weeks asking for abortions. Their reasoning was they did not want their girl baby and PP was fully willing to comply with their wishes. direct quotes from the videos:  "..if that is what you want to base your decision on it is really up to you....everybody has a different story and a different reason and this is your reason.... so they (your doctor) should be accomodating because they can help you determine (the sex) and it is nobody's business and nobody's reasoning but yours"...SUCH wrong thinking!!!!  And this is HERE folks...in OUR cities. 

I know this post is heavy..I find it hard to post about my everyday life when I am faced with such hard stuff around me every day.  Soon I will post an update on my life outside of the center.  I  now have a 20 year old!!!!  WHERE does the time go?!!


FOUR YEARS....and the rest of the story!

First of all....this is what we were doing FOUR years ago today....

Our last day in Beijing before we flew to Lanzhou...we would meet Hudson that night!
Our first sight of him...total love...for us anyway!!

 happy in Ayi's arms
so NOT happy in mine!

hiding behind the bed, only coaxed out by cheerios

really not happy with the whole bubble, toy, food thing...

FINALLY feel asleep after several hours of such sadness...and he wouldn't let us comfort him...but I had my little asian babe and all would be ok...

And now, since it has been over a month since I promised you the rest of the story I will finish.....I actually was pleasantly suprised that I even had any readers....and all my favorite bloggers. :) I have been keeping up with all of you even if I don't always comment.   And thanks Kristi for the "nudge" yesterday.   Just what I needed!!!

OK....so Hudson came home and we started our new normal.   I was living a dream come true.. every day I was looking into those BEAUTIFUL almond shaped eyes, kissing those oh so soft checks and was able to be mom to one of the sweetest (and funniest) boys put on this earth.   I had a hard time grasping that my dream to adopt had become a reality and I daily STILL thank the Lord for giving me one of the desires of my heart...but the wrestling continued.  I pictured myself going back again and again to China, or some other nation, to bring home more babes.  Mark began researching jobs in China, India and other places...... but life has a way of happening, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and that took us moving to MN for 7 months to love on her and live a life around grandparents that my kids have never had.  That also opened up a Pandora's box for my older son, Jordan.  I have always meant to write about our journey with him over the last 4 years but it never seemed "finished".....and still isn't but I will tell you.....I am SO proud of who he is and how he has chosen to live his life.  In fact we are headed out later this morning to  College Station for Parent's Weekend at A&M.  I do intend to have pictures and his story soon.    Back to the point...as much as I prayed and waited for God to open up the doors for the mission field and more orphans added to our family the answer has always been "no"....and I got very frustrated and as I look back now, probably a little depressed.  I would in anger cry out to God "WHY??????  I talk to people ALL the time who are NOT interested in either the orphans or the mission field, life is way to comfortable for them to think about the needs of others and holy cow.....the fact that they might to need to live life with a little sacrifice is unthinkable...that whole American Dream thing....see, even now that bitterness still is seeping out.
It was also during this time I found Katie's Blog...(I have this thing with blogs...if I find one I REALLY resonate with I HAVE to go back to the very beginning and read it ALL...it is like a book to me and I really can't start in the middle of the book) and yes...for ALL Of you (you know who you are)  I have read yours from day one.   Thru Katie I heard about David Platt and began listening to his Radical Pod casts...way before he had written the book.   I had also read Crazy Love and as you know if you have read any ONE of those things there is a common theme.  That combined with my In the Light of Eternity mindset I was about ready to burst.   I will NEVER forget the night....I was in my room wrestling with God again (thankful he didn't break my hip but I think He was getting close)....pretty much telling him off and letting him know I was NOT happy with Him....I finally said "I AM WILLING TO BE RADICAL FOR YOU, WHY WILL YOU NOT LET ME??"  There, I said it..then I just was quiet...(I am sure He was saying...."finally"..... )........and then I heard it....the way I always hear Him....like a Father with a teenager who doesn't really get it, because they really do know so much about the world and this is just dad being dad.  He said....."I AM calling you to be radical, I am giving you orphans and the lost and a mission field....but you have to be willing to go where I want you to go....or in your case STAY......".....my response..."WHAT???....STAY????....side note here, as much as I LOVE Texas I am NOT crazy about where we live in N Texas.  Mark and I planned on being here 3-5 years, it was a stepping stone and we even tried to move off once, had our house on the market, contract in the works,  Mark was one of two final attorney's being considered for a fabulous job in San Antonio...and as I was about an hour  away from signing a contract on a house in HEAVENLY New Braunfels in the same neighborhood as our dear friends...it all fell thru, our buyers backed out and Mark didn't get the job....UGHHH!!!!  SO....the thought of making this a permanent place to live had not been on my radar.  We moved here when Kailee was a year old so it pretty much is all my kids know but again....NOT MY choice.  Back to the Lord....I just sat there in shock and that is when He said "you are so willing to be radical and live sacrificially if it fits inside YOUR box, looks like YOU want it to look and I have been waiting and waiting for you to say....I'll live radical anywhere and in any way you ask me to...and now I am asking you to live on the mission field HERE.....and if you say Yes, if you are really sincere about being radical....then be prepared to do what I ask of you.  SO....after some quiet reflection on all of that...I became broken...saw my pride and selfishness and finally surrendered to HIM and WHATEVER and WHEREVER He wanted to use me.
SO................I began to really consider something that had been asked of me here and there over the last couple years, began to ask Him if that was IT?  As you know I have been part of the Pregnancy Care Center since I first moved here.....another dream I had growing up was working with young girls/women in unplanned pregnancies.  I grew up valuing purity and strove for abstinence in my dating relationships (and lost a few boyfriends because of it) and also have a personal reason for my love of the ministry.  I volunteered a few hours a week up until 6 1/2 years ago.  It was the SAME week we were considering putting the girls in Christian school that I got a call from the Center asking if I would consider coming on staff part time.  It was a true answer from the Lord as we were praying about additional income for private school and we were also reasearching adoption agencies.  I told them I would do it UNTIL we brought home our child.  That took 2 1/2 years and then they asked if I would work from home....I did but did also found I needed to spend a couple days in the office to be effective...so, that is what I have done since Hudson came home, honestly I work there more for the love of the Ministry then the $$..it is non-profit so....:)  It is such a great work environment and family friendly so most days Hudson would come with me and he LOVES it there.
BUT, my boss and Executive Director had approached me a few times about taking over her position, HA!!!!!  NO WAY...never even considered it.  I saw the hours she worked, the HUGE job it was and mostly I didn't want to be away from the kids that much....I still had a little one.  BUT....the night the Lord asked me if I was willing to be radical here...after my shock I knew EXACTLY what that meant....and I told NO ONE...not even Mark.....I just prayed...and the more I prayed the more I KNEW...and I was SCARED.....gosh, scared for so many reasons.  Working FULL time when I had been a stay at home mom for 18 years?? HOW do you do that and still take care of your family?  Hudson would be going to school in the fall so that took care of several hours but still. life would change....I was scared of being IT....the go to person, the decision maker, fundraiser, boss, having a board, conducting board meetings, public speaking, legislation...and on and on....the girls, our clients...that's the easy part.  I had done that for years, counseling them concerning their options, crying with them, loving them, holding them accountable, the heart break when they choose to end their babies life (that never gets easy).....sharing Christ with them and the joy of seeing them come to know Him....hmmmm, sounds like the mission field to me!!!!  I knew I was willing to put my kids on the mission field in a foreign land, where they would have to LIVE the life....and I knew this was the mission field they would partner with me in....because the way they live their lives and the choices THEY make...would reflect on me and would affect my position and the Center.    SO IT WAS HUGE!!!!
Several weeks later  (and I still had not shared with anyone, except maybe my friend Jenn)...what I believed he was asking of me, I was at work.  It was the night of a board meeting and after the meeting two board members came to me and asked if they could speak to me....I KNEW what was coming and as I stood there and they asked if I would consider the position of Executive Director I had to NOT laugh out loud.......I tried not to look like I expected it and told them I would really have to think and pray about it....HA!!!!!  SO, trying to make a really long story shorter.....I started the beginning of January in my new position.  It has been almost a year of getting ready to step into my new role, I pretty much handled our entire banquet last fall...sheesh!!! BUT, it was one of our most succcesful ones (NO glory on my behalf ALL the Lord's).....I have SO much to learn and the story does continue from here...the MANY ways God still has to keep prodding me that this is the right thing for me and our family, how Mark fits in to the story and on and on.  Last week was a TOUGH week...my first little, or maybe BIG "I can't do this breakdowns"....It has been a stressful week with clients, I had just written my first budget for the board, a few other issues had arose and I topped it off Friday night with seeing OCTOBER BABY (PLEASE go if you haven't seen it) with my small group.   I crawled into bed feeling emotionally exhausted and ill-equpped for the mission.  I asked the Lord for something.....something to keep me going and to let me know it was worth it....I woke up Saturday morning and thought I would check facebook before I hit the ground running (Cheer fundraiser to work at with Kailee and then a 2 1/2 hour drive for her gymnastics meet...do you know HOW LONG gymnastics meets are?? 5-6 hours..then a late night drive home, Mark was out of town so I was flying solo).  This was the first post I saw:

Just saw "October Baby." Great movie and would encourage everyone to see it. So proud of my mom for her work at the Pregnancy Care Center and the way that she honors God with her work and always seeks after him in the decisions that she makes while loving on those women. So blessed to have amazing, graceful, God-fearing, and loving parents. Honored to be their son. Love you guys — with Sharon Tollefson Teague and Mark Teague.

A sweet "your going to be ok and keep going" from the Lord..And so....God is with me...this is what ALL THE YEARS of my "training" were for and I know that I know that I know that this is what He called me to do...this is my mission field and I do love my job....It keeps me ever dependent on Him.  It all makes sense now and I am so very grateful and humbled that He thinks I can do this.. I still pray for my little Anya in China....I still have hopes that when things settle down (wrong mind set right there)..that we can add at least one more to our family and if not....He is STILL Faithful!!!!!



Dear me,  I think every time I blog now (SO very rare) I start out with...'it has been so long because..." SO I will skip that and just begin my story of the last 18 momths...or rather 35 years.

As a little girl I loved reading books about those living on the MISSION FIELD and I just determined in my mind that that is what I would spend my life doing.  I grew up in small town MN, just a farm girl and our trips consisted of camping in Northern MN and Canada.  I was not exposed to people groups or other nations, I did not grow up in a family that talked about those things and yet the Lord wooed my heart from the time I could remember.  My first mission experience was heading off to YWAM after my third year of college.    I was the last of my closest highschool friends (8 to be exact) to join the YWAM family due to the fact my parents just didn't want me to go.  BUT...they finally said "yes" and I couldn't pack fast enough.  Every one of my friends (mostly two at a time) chose a base in Maui, Hawaii to attend the Discipleship Training part of YWAM with their outreaches traveling to places like Fiji and the Phillipines.   I searched schools that would take me to the inner city for outreaches, I REALLY wanted to work in the Red Light Districts so I chose to do my DTS at The Greater New York base.  After 3 months working on the streets of Elizabeth NJ and the NY burros we headed off to Germany and then England to work YES!!!!! In the Red Light Districts!!!!!!!  We worked mainly at night (and slept during the day) with prostitutes, transvestites, run aways and AIDS victims.  My heart broke often as we watched the girls (and guys) stand on street corners, dance in windows as men picked out who they "wanted" and even stood outside the doors of establishments and cried out to the Lord for the young girls (3-8 yr olds) we saw being taken in by men after their prostitute mothers "sold" them to them for profit.  We ran from Pimps, spent afternoons with angry, homeless "anti-government" skin heads who lived in a park and witnessed in pubs to the local patrons.  My parents STILL don't know all we did and that is a good thing :)  (its ok moms to NOT know everything your kids have done)
During the time I was in YWAM I was dating Mark and soon after I returned home we got engaged with every intention of heading off the mission field once we were married.   An almost immediate pregnany and an annoucement from Mark that he couldn't shake the feeling that he was called to law school brought  my "missionary" plans to a halt.  I STUCK my heels in the ground for MONTHS as I was bound and determined to NOT follow the American Dream of a house with a white picket fence in suburbia, the wife of a "professional"....no offense to any one out there that had that dream but to me it sounded boring, stifling and un-fulfilling.  Mark begged me to just seek the Lord and if he told me that I had heard from the Lord that was NOT what we were to do he would drop it for good (15 years later I used that same line when I asked him to pray about adopting).   Funny, how when we ask the Lord exactly what HIS will is He shows us.  SO....we packed up our one year old, moved to Tulsa and Mark began law school at night while he worked full time during the day.  It took him 3.5 years (pretty good for working full time) and two babies later we moved back to Texas with a law degree in hand and a job as an Assistant District Attorney, three kids and debt.  We bought that house and although I LOVED being a stay at home mom and was homeschooling my kids I felt I was missing out on SOMETHING.  I continued to wait for the "call" to come for the mission field and Mark and I prayed for direction and kept hearts willing to pick up and move as soon as the "go" came.  We began taking our kids on several short term missions trips (Kailee was 4 on her first trip) and I find that more fulfilling and adventurous than ANY family vacation we have ever taken.  We were also super involved in church,  leading, Mark was asked to be an elder, I was volunteering at the Pregnancy Care Center and life was moving along.    6.5 years ago we began our adoption journey and my heart continued to ache for the orphans of the world and their birth families, young women many times who choose life over abortion and I knew that God was stirring something new in me....and this was where it got sticky....because you see....we most of the time have OUR dream in mind  it FITS IN THE BOX we see it in....and, oh what a dangerous place this puts us in because GOD doesn't FIT IN OUR BOX....and so He patiently waits until we lay down ALL of our AGENDA and are willing to THINK OUTSIDE of the box....
.....to be continued....



Yes, again I am absent from the bloggy world but with good reason.  I am embarking on a NEW adventure which will require many blog posts to explain BUT...if you are reading this today please be in prayer for something tonight.   It is our annual Pregnancy Care Center Banquet and we are believing God BIG.  On top of our needed funds we would like to raise enough for a new 3d ultrasound machine.    Thru the planning of this event over the last months I KNEW a real life testimony of one of our clients would be HUGE for this evening and our prayer team have prayed for the last 40 days for just that.   10 days before this event we still did not have this testimony.  It is not that we don't have girls who have made life changing decisions but for them to share their story publicly is another thing.  There was one girl who we referred to as "The Christmas Baby" because of the timing of her story.  We had lost track of her and had no way to contact her.    Our tech guy had told us he needed about a week to tape and edit a video and we knew that we were about to duck under that week window.   Our prayer team leader asked me what I wanted the team to pray for the next morning and I said "I KNOW that the Lord could still bring a girl to us, all it takes is one phone call or her to walk thru the doors".  LITERALLY, two minutes later another staff member stuck her head in my office and said there was someone here to see the director.    Our director left and a minute later said "Sharon, you need to talk to this young lady"...in walked CHRISTMAS BABY's mom and grandma.  We had not seen or heard from her in over a year and she  just decided (thanks God) to come by our center that late afternoon.    I sat her down and asked her "would she be willing to share her story?" and without hesitation she said "YES, I would love to"....this is her story:

19, going to college but living hard, sex, drugs and alcohol, an abusive relationship and she found herself pregnant.  The option..ABORTION....... even though she was a Christian, had grown up in the church and had attended a Christian school in HS.   Motherhood was not an option because it wasn't her plan.  Her parents were VERY against abortion but were worn down from her constant talk about not being able to parent and had decided to support her in her decision.  She had an appointment at the abortion clinic for Dec 23.  Dec 22 her parents "just happened" to turn on O'Rielly and he was interviewing Abby Johnson (the director of the Planned Parenthood in College Station who had recently left PP).  They looked at each other and NEW they couldn't be a part of their daughter's abortion.    Lacy didn't let this stop her, her brother took her to the clinic the next day.  Stacey, Lacy's mom called us that morning and asked us to pray for her (Lacy had come to our clinic at about the 6th week of her pregnancy but gave us no indication she was considering abortion).   She told us Lacy was on her way and would we please pray?..OF COURSE!!!!.  Our staff stopped and gathered to plead for this baby and her mama.

Lacy paid her $$ and was on the table having an ultrasound to determine the number of weeks she was.  This is done before each abortion to determine what type of abortion will be done.  Typically the nurse/sono tech during the sono will not show the patient the screen for obvious reasons.  Lacy heard this nurse say under her breath, "baby girl, 12 weeks"...now, MANY of you are moms and know 12 weeks is way to early to determine the sex of the baby BUT...not with GOD.   Lacy was struck with the thought....."its a baby girl?".... she excused her self from the room to use the bathroom and left the clinic..."and LIFE was chosen for Christmas baby"  BUT...that's not the end of the story.  Because of her unhealthy relationship she really didn't think she could parent and was making an adoption plan.  At 24 weeks she went in for another ultrasound and in that picture her baby girl was sucking on her pinky finger, the same finger Lacy had chewed on her whole life.....and in Lacy's words "in that moment she became my daughter"....as Lacy was sitting in my office telling me her story her mom said at this moment.."those ultrasounds are SO powerful, they save lives".......THIS is where my heart whispered.."YOU are SOOOOOO BIG God".....I had prayed and believed Him for a testimony just like this as we are so in need of a new ultrasound machine.  Ours right now doesn't even have sound.  

SO...the taping is done, the tables are decorated, the weather is beautiful and tonight over 300 will gather at a good old Texas Ranch to listen to the story of Lacy and her daugher Madison.  My hearts desire is that they will be moved to ACT BIG as they hear how He WAS SO BIG.....I recently attended a conference in FL and this was a statement I heard that rings thru my ears daily "IT ISN"T ENOUGH TO SAY WE CARE ABOUT THE UNBORN AND BELIEVE IN THE CAUSE, IF WE DON'T DO ANYTHING BABIES STILL DIE"   I don't think anyone who reads this does not have a heart for the orphan.  How more orphaned can you get when you have parents who choose to end your life?...I say this with NO CONDMENATION but with pure compassion...I see the pain and torment of those that choose abortion.   It is usually a choice made during a very stressful time when that girl/woman feels very alone.  These woman are victimized and have been lied to.  Along with their babies, our desire is that we can impart LIFE to them...both physical LIFE and spiritual LIFE.....SO...PLEASE PRAY.....I want all those who attend to have their faith challenged!!!!  I will let you know on the other side...


first day of school 2011

I can't believe the day has come to send my sweet boy off to Kindergarten.  I remember the day we got his referral and saw he had just turned 2, knowing he would be coming home at about 2 1/2 I flashed forward to the years ahead and knew they would go too fast.   They have..but knowing how far this scared, sad, mad little boy has come in 3 1/2 years is only the Lord!!!  He lives life fully!!!

Madi started school last Wednesday but we had to get first day pictures with Hudson.  
Madalyn continues to inspire me, she has worked so hard this summer to lost weight and has lost 18 lbs. SO proud of her!!

They rolled out the red carept for the first day.  

Suprisingly I wasn't too teary, because Hudson was so excited it was hard to be too sad.  He is such a brave boy!!  While we were waiting for his teacher to call his name he did hug my leg and say "i will miss you mom.." then the tears came..

...same for dad...

waving at dad as they marched off..

so proud of you my boy!!!

We had to take pictures of Kailee after school since she had to leave the house at 5:15 am for VB practice.  This girl has been going non stop for 2 weeks already with two a day vb tryouts the first week then vb practice in the am and cheerleading in the afternoon.  She will have long days with 5:45 am practices and then vb games and cheering for football on Thurs and Fri nights.  CAN"T believe she started highschool!!!

Hudson had a great first day and was ready to go again this morning.  


..."my own kind of paradise"....

As the summer comes to a close I am finally getting around to posting pictures.  We had an AWESOME family time with Mark's extended family in July.  We rented a beach house and spent a total of 8 days doing a lot of nothing.  My two favorite vacations so far have been this one and 3 years ago when we went with friends to Colorado and rented a cabin in the mountains.  I thought a long while why these two vacations are at the top of my list and they have several things in common.  Great company, days that didn't include watching the time for the "next" thing,  cooking simple meals, staying up late talking, laughing and playing games, which meant sleeping late because we didn't have to rush off to get anywhere and something that I dearly love being a country girl and don't get near enough off..NATURE.....
With this CRAZY HOT Texas summer it was wonderful to have the cool ocean breeze.  The only time we really spent inside was sleeping...and Mark and I ended up spending 4 nights sleeping outside on the deck, it was heavenly with the expanse of stars and the ocean waves lapping on the shore.  I also got in lots of reading which is one of my all time favorite past times. 
It was Hudson's first time to the beach.  He absolutely loved it and told us on our last night, "we need to move to the beach and start a new life"....I agree Hudster!!!


a new season...

I cannot believe I sent my sophomore off to her first day of school today and my last post was the last week of school...WHERE did the summer go?  I have so much to catch up on and so I have decided to go for a new blog design and a new direction with my blog.  More on that later but for now check out this GREAT fundraiser....my favorite thing to give towards!!!